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What to expect from satellite internet prices

What to expect from satellite internet prices

14 November 2014

It is time to make the change to reliable fast internet. You need to get your hands on the latest satellite internet offerings. Before going ahead and purchasing this fantastic product you need to know what to expect from satellite internet prices.

Satellite internet works very differently to that of DSL and subsequently the way in which it is priced will be different. Before going into satellite internet prices you will first need to understand how exactly satellite internet works. The biggest difference between DSL and satellite is the fact that more people can gain access to this service. DSL services are only available to people that have a phone line and live within a certain radius of the telephone company. Satellite internet because it is controlled by satellites can reach a large amount of people and does not require a phone line to connect. Instead of using a phone line, you will be required to buy a dish. This dish will be paired to the one that is being used by the service provider and a two way signal will occur. This is when uploads and downloads will take place. This two way data communication is normally 10 times faster than that of a DSL connection. Getting satellite internet will not only provide you with a more reliable service but also with a faster internet connection.

Satellite internet prices are normally determined by whether you need to have a business account or a personal account. Businesses will more often than not require more data than that of a personal consumer, which will mean that the prices will be slightly higher than that of the personal account. What most people do not know is that satellite internet providers, will provide their clients with a certain amount of data per month. This data is normally split over a daily basis, meaning that you will only have a certain amount of data available to you per day. This is a far better way to deal with keeping the prices down as you will be able to monitor your data usage more carefully.

When you choose satellite internet you will need to pay for a dish, rental of the dish, installation and of course your monthly data package. Here are some options that are available to you:

  • Consumer 74cm dish, HN9600 router, 1 Watt TxRx: r9, 999.00 total price, installation with vat included.
  • Business 74 cm dish, HN9800 router, 2 Watt, TxRx: R12, 250.00 total price, installation with vat included.
  • Business 120cm dish, HN9800 router, 2 Watt TxRx: R18, 500.00 total price, installation with vat included.
  • Consumer 98cm dish, HN9260 router, 1 Watt TxRx: R12, 900.00 total price, installation with vat included.

Switch to satellite internet today

Now that you know what to expect from satellite internet pricesyou will need to find a company that can provide you with the best service. Here at Yah Click we can provide you with just that. All of our plans have been designed to suit the needs of our consumers. For more information on our services visit our

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