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Yahclick gives Vox Telecom 2 major awards

 YahClick AwardVox Telecom scoops ‘YahClick Service Partner of the Year’ and ‘Marketing Excellence’ awards

Johannesburg, South Africa, 26 February 2016:

YahClick, Africa’s number 1 satellite broadband service provider, has recognised Vox Telecom with two notable awards at the annual YahClick Service Partner Forum in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Vox Telecom received the highest accolade of the night as ‘YahClick Service Partner of the Year’ and another award for ‘Marketing Excellence’.

The top award of ‘YahClick Service Partner of the Year’ was given to Vox Telecom in recognition of its consistent levels of excellence across all aspects of the YahClick business. This covered the full customer journey from the retail experience through to installation and customer support. Vox’s operational excellence, high quality of installations and highly responsive customer service department were also commended.

Vox Telecom’s considerable investment in an aggressive integrated marketing campaign utilised a multi-platform approach of billboards, social media, radio campaigns and printed advertisements. This commitment to marketing efforts went above and beyond expectations and led to Vox Telecom’s second win of the evening, where the operator picked up the award for ‘Marketing Excellence’.

Commenting on the double win, Yahsat’s Chief Commercial Officer, David Murphy, said: “Vox Telecom’s success at this years’ Service Partner Awards is testament to their dedication in delivering service excellence across all aspects of our business. I would like to thank Vox Telecom for consistently taking the initiative to go above and beyond what is required to support YahClick’s growth in South Africa.”

“YahClick recognises the value of successful partnerships in providing local insight and extending established business infrastructure” added David Murphy. “Vox Telecom’s nationwide presence means it is well positioned to offer localised, uninterrupted service delivery to all our customers. Its coverage footprint ensures we are able to reach typically underserved or unserved communities including remote schools and farms.”

Jacques Visser, Product Manager, Vox Telecom, added, “We are truly honoured and would like to thank Yahsat for the awards. Our partnership has grown through the years and we have gained a significant market share in South Africa. The YahClick product fits the Vox product strategy well and has played a key role in connecting thousands of customers in rural and even urban South Africa. YahClick has matured as a product and offers a cost effective platform for value added services like VOIP and security related services. 

Vox Telecom was one of six international service partner award winners at the event. Award nominations were sought from within YahClick and were carefully reviewed by an evaluation committee for the final selection.

Vox Telecom is a service partner for YahClick’s satellite broadband internet service across South Africa.


About YahClick

YahClick is Yahsat’s flagship high-speed satellite broadband internet service, and is the leading satellite broadband Ka-band service across the Middle East, Africa, Central and South West Asia. It was launched in September 2012, to provide broadband coverage in over 28 countries with a total combined population of more than 1 billion 

people. YahClick can deliver satellite broadband Internet to a wide range of industries, including NGOs, government, educational organisations, media and broadcast, as well as home users. Yahsat’s subscribers have been growing year-on-year. In 2013, its first year of operation, YahClick acquired more than 20,000 subscribers and by the end of 2014 this number had reached more than 34,000.

YahClick is beamed through Yahsat’s second satellite Y1B, the first satellite in these regions to offer internet connectivity through Ka-band multi-spot beams, providing a greater level of overall efficiency and cost-effective broadband solutions.

In countries where YahClick is operational, there is often a lack of reliable high-speed internet infrastructure, particularly in rural or remote areas. YahClick connections are more reliable and much faster than dated mobile internet technologies, and they bypass the infrastructure required for fixed line connectivity, resulting in easier deployment. Above all, YahClick provides coverage over vast geographic regions, irrespective of population density in these locations.

Based on the success of its services in existing markets Yahsat is expanding its fleet with its third satellite, Al Yah 3. Due for service delivery in early 2017and utilizing the most advanced technology available in the market. Al Yah 3 will extend YahClick’s commercial Ka-band coverage to an additional 18 countries in Africa, covering 60% of its population, as well as its first entry in to Brazil where it will cover over 95% of the Brazilian population.

To read more about YahClick and our service offerings go to

Why is my internet slow? How to ensure a faster, reliable connection

Why is my internet slow? How to ensure a faster, reliable connection 

9 September 2014

Why is my internet slow? Well, that could be for a whole number of reason. Stick around and learn how to ensure a faster, reliable connection. Internet speeds are the one thing that most people are concerned with these days. If your internet, is slow it is bound to cause problems within your household, as well as your business. It has been estimated, that for a lot small businesses, the reason that they do not do well or grow at the rate that they should, is because they do not have the internet connectivity and speed that they should have.

Thankfully there are a few things that you can do to make sure that your internet connection runs smoothly. The first thing that you need to make sure of is your internet itself. Do you have the best performing internet that you could have? Is it capped or uncapped? Is it wireless or cabled? Often, if you can attach your computer to a cabled connection, it tends to be a lot more stable, and therefore a lot faster too.

Some other tricks to optimise your connection

Here are some other tricks that you can use to make your internet a lot faster.

  • Change browsers. The one thing that you can do is make sure that you use an internet browser that can handle the internet properly. Using something like Internet Explorer will slow your connection down drastically. Rather use Google Chrome, as it runs a lot faster than normal.
  • If you are living next to people that also have an internet connection, change your wireless router channel to a channel that is further away from theirs. This serves to make sure that your connection does not get disturbed or clogged up, while you are trying to connect.
  • Try and surf during off peak times. This only applies to home and causal usage. Try not to get on the internet when you know there are lots of other people on the network.
  • If you are a business, make sure that your server does not have some sort of internal internet loop that prevents it from properly connecting you to an internet network. This can happen more often than you think, so watch out for it.

You can also change the type of internet that you use. Most people settle for broadband options because they are readily available, however you should consider satellite internet as an alternative. Satellite internet comes through from satellites and is undisturbed and high quality. It also has a wide range of coverage, so you will never find yourself without internet of any kind.

Want a service provider to hook you up? You should make sure that you go with YahClick. As the leaders in satellite internet, they are able to provide you with the most advanced network in the business. For more info visit


Tips for improving your internet connection

Tips for improving your internet connection

22 October 2014

Whether you need to use the internet for business or pleasure you will always want to make sure that you have a fast internet connection. Listening to a dial up tone, or watching the page load for what seems like forever can be extremely frustrating. You can avoid this slow process by following tips for improving your internet connection.

The first aspect that you need to take into consideration is what type of internet connection you have in place. Some connections are faster than others. The two big connection types are DSL and satellite internet. There is often a debate as to which one of these is actually faster. In most cases satellite internet will come out tops. This is largely due to the fact that more people around the world have access to this type of connection. It also has a faster download rate than that of DSL. In order to get a better, faster and more reliable connection you should first consider changing to satellite internet.

There are other common problems that people will experience when trying to connect to the internet, regardless of which connection they use. These tips will help you with even the most simple of issues:

  • Upgrading your router: when people change to a new rooter they are often faced with a situation where it does not connect automatically. The best way to get around this is to unplug all of the cables for at least 30 seconds. You can then reconnect the cables to the broadband modem, then to the new router. Turn the router back on and you should find that you once again gain access to the internet.
  • The software for the router doesn’t work: your new router will come with a software CD to install the router. Sometimes the CD cannot find or recognise the router. You can fix this by bypassing the setup. Go to your computers network settings, right click and select Properties of Local Area Connection, then highlight the Internet Protocol Version. From here you need to find the radio button and select “use the following IP address”. Simply type the IP address of your new router (you will find this in the documentation that comes with the router). You will need to change the last digit of the IP address of your router in order to create a new one. This will than match up your new router to the network.

These are two common problems that can be fixed if you follow the correct instructions. It is also important to remember that whether you are struggling with basic or more difficult issues it is often best to seek the advice of the professionals. There is nothing wrong with admitting defeat in order to make sure that you get your internet up and running quickly. It will also ensure that your internet connection is always a fast one.

Satellite internet

If you haven’t already changed to satellite internet than you need to do that today. Here at Yah Click we can provide you with reliable fast satellite connection with any one of our deals. For more information on our packages visit our website

Why satellite internet?

Why satellite internet? 

8 October 2014

So why should you get satellite internet? Should you get it because it is one of the fastest, most reliable methods of internet? Or should you get it because you get connectivity that is twenty four hours a day? It really depends on the needs that you and your enterprise have. If you own a small business, it is important that you get top notch satellite internet access. They say that the reason that most small businesses fail within their first growth period is due to then fact that they do not have the type of internet that is required to keep up with the demands that are placed on them. You may not think that this is necessary, however if you are at the helm of a business that deals primarily with the uploads of files, then you should definitely be making sure that your internet can support the demands that are put on it.

One of the other reasons why you should make sure that you have the best internet, is so as not to get weaselled out of premium access. What most companies do, is when you reach your limit, they degrade the quality of your access. With satellite internet however, you will never get degraded quality, all you will get is a higher out of bundle rate until your next cap is restored.

Another argument for satellite internet

Imagine you are a doctor, working in rural area and you need to order more medicine for the clinic you work at. If the phone signal is not that great, the only thing that you can do is order it online. Because satellite internet has got the best coverage, you will get great signal even in the most rural of areas. This is a valuable tool when it comes to helping with most humanitarian situations, as well as increasing people’s access to education.

It is important to make sure that most people have got a decent degree of education as well as a chance to learn more. This is possible through the use of the internet, as there is nothing that is not available on the internet for public consumption. Thousands of children in rural schools can have access to classrooms and education, at a fraction of the normal cost.

So as you can see, there are many reasons as to why you should support satellite internet. Your business needs the best internet that it can get, it is a great tool for those who work far out, and it can be used for educational purposes as well.

Want to upgrade and make the change today? Make sure that you go via YahClick. They are the number one satellite internet provider in all of the country and will be glad to provide you with one of their premium packages so that you too can enjoy this breezy internet. For more info visit

Finding internet providers that you can count on

Finding internet providers that you can count on

6 November 2014

Internet is a necessity in all of our lives. The problem is findinginternet providers that you can count on. This is not only important from a business perspective but also from a personal perspective. The last thing you want is to have internet that comes and go’s when it pleases.

How can you find internet providers that you can count on? Quite simply you need to look at the options that are available to you. There are a number of different internet services available that claim to provide consumers with hassle free fast internet all of the time. This may not always be the case. Currently there are two leading services available; DSL and satellite. These are two very different approaches to providing consumers with internet and subsequently people want to know which the best one is.

Taking a closer look at these two types of services will help you to understand which one would work best for your circumstances and subsequently which internet providers are reliable. The difference between DSL and satellite internet is simple, DSL is provided by your phone company and uses the phone line to “dial up” to the internet. Satellite services are provided by using a satellite signal rather than an actual line. This is the reason why so many people have chosen to switch from DSL to satellite. If you do not own a telephone line or are not situated within a certain radius from the telephone company you are not eligible for DSL. Satellite internet due to its technology can reach a far broader spectrum of people and areas, regardless of whether you have a phone line or not.

However, the next debate is that DSL is more reliable than satellite. The argument is that with DSL it is connected directly to your phone line and unless something happens to your phone line you will always have access to the internet. Whereas with satellite internet being controlled by two signals between your satellite and the provider’s satellite, it may not always be able to function at its full speed. This is only the case if weather conditions take a serious turn for the worst. In most cases this service is more reliable than DSL and is also faster. There is a two way data communication between the two dishes that includes uploads and downloads which makes it about 10 times faster than that of DSL. Now that you know the difference between the two, you will want to find a company that you can rely on.

Satellite internet services at their finest

If you are more interested in getting satellite internet than DSL than you need to come to us at Yah Click. What makes us internet providers that you can count on is our dedication to offering unique packages to our customers. We believe in providing data deals that will work for both business and personal use. For more information about our services visit our website

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