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SKA SA (Square Kilometre Array South Africa) and Vox Telecom have announced a partnership to provide farming communities in the Northern Cape affected by the implementation of the Astronomy Geographic Advantage (AGA) Act with internet connectivity and telephony services at a reduced cost.

Free hardware and free installation in the SKA affected area



The following hardware and accessories form part of the YahClick CPE and telephone system (subsidised by SKA):

  • 74cm/98cmor 120cm Dish, back plate and Trimast dependent on the coverage map
  • HN9600 router
  • 1 W Transmitter/Receiver
  • Grandstream SIP ATA
  • Panasonic TS500 Single line Analogue Phone
  • UPS 650 VA
  • Earth spike
  • 4m Trunking
  • 20M RG6 cable
  • 10 x RG-6 compression connectors
  • Insolation tape (3m)
  • Tie straps
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Available from 2 December 2014

Service Plans

Monthly Service PlanPriceUplink SpeedDownlink SpeedMonthly Data Allowance
Home 2Mbps Lite R119.00 512Kbps 2048Kbps 2GB
Home 2Mbps Lite V1  R304.00 512Kbps 2048Kbps 2GB

Please Note:

  • Prices are VAT inclusive
  • These are best effort services plans and the through-puts are the maximum “burstable” through-puts per service plan
  • The free zone between 01:00 and 06:00 daily applies to all the service plans above
  • Fair Access Policy (FAP) applies to all service plans above
  • No data rollover
  • Subject to SKA SA approval

Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) Options

YahClick Home 74cm dish, HN9600 router, 1 Watt
YahClick Home 98cm dish, HN9600 router, 1 Watt
YahClick Home 120cm dish, HN9800 router, 2 Watt

Please note: a certified Vox Telecom installer will install the CPEs


Fair Access Policy (FAP) Package

Fair Access Policy (FAP) Concept

  • The subscriber is able to download as much of the plan’s data allowance as necessary at any given time during the billing period
  • Once a user has downloaded more than the monthly allowance (2GB), the speed will be set at 64 Kbps
  • Free zone consumption is excluded from the monthly allowance
  • Activation of a FAP token guarantees use of the token capacity (2GB) at full speed
FAP Token PackageData AllowanceFAP PeriodPrice (VAT incl.)
Home 2Mbps Lite 2GB 30 Days R155.00

Please Note:

  • Subscriber can purchase an unlimited number of FAP tokens
  • Tokens may be activated in advance through customer zone portals and will reflect as a credit


Target Area

Target Area

Exclusive to the 300 farms in the SKA area between Carnarvon, Williston, Brandvlei and Van Wyksvlei (see map below)

YahClick SKA Coverage Area

Business Rules

The following rules are applicable:

  • Exclusive to subscribers in the affected area and subjected to SKA approval
  • Vox Telecom will determine the required dish size through feasibility study
  • Available from 2 December 2014
  • 12 months contract and early cancellation fees applies
  • 30 days FAP applies to both the 2Mbps plans
  • The CPE, Telephony hardware and installation are subsidized by SKA
  • Customer is liable for non-standard installation items
  • The customer may upgrade service after 3 initial months
  • Early cancellation fees apply to the service if the customer cancels within the 12 months contract period

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