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YahClick Go

Instant, transportable internet connectivity

Cost effective transportable satellite internet
Easily mountable on vehicles
Single user operation
Send large files and video content
Broadband connectivity in the YahClick coverage area

satellite on car

Who uses YahClick Go?

  • Broadcast, media and journalists
  • New and temporary military deployments, United Nations and NGO operations
  • Emergency and disaster management units, fire rescue, special operations and security companies
  • Government departments like home affairs, police, traffic control
  • Mining and exploration
  • NGOs, that require Internet connectivity even in the remotest locations
  • Events companies, mobile marketing vehicles and mobile offices
  • Financial institutions, ATM’s
  • Mobile education

YahClick Go System Price

The price for the system and installations is available on request.  It is also possible to install the system on a trailer.

Service Plans

Share Traffic

Specialised Yahclick Go service plans  tailor made for unique users are available.

Service PlansDownload speeds up toUpload speeds up toPrice per month (Vat incl)Usage Price per GB (Vat incl)Setup fee (Vat incl)

YahClick Go 3
share traffic,
no priority






YahClick Go 6
share traffic,
no priority






YahClick Go 3 and YahClick Go 6 Business Rules
  • Required YahClick Go auto pointing unit or a fix static business CPE
  • FAP policy and free zone do not apply to these service plans. 
  • Subscriber pays a monthly “stay alive” fee with no usage allowance included.
  • Free 1 GB allowance is included at start of subscription. 
  • Charge rate for usage is per 1GB of total data consumed (download and upload traffic is counted)
  • The subscriber has to pre-purchase the required number of 1 GB Tokens to pre-load into account. Unused GB Tokens do not expire.
  • Once the subscriber starts using the YahClick Go service, the system starts counting upload and download traffic and uses up the available data tokens. Tokens in account activate automatically once previous 1GB data token is consumed. There is no requirement for the customer to manually do anything to activate these tokens
  • If the system runs out of pre-loaded tokens, the service will be unusable until the subscriber purchases more data tokens.

Setting Up and User Guide

Mobile satellite Internet
  • Delivery time : 30 days
  • The transportable antenna will require professional installation and configuration by Vox
  • Vox will activate the appropriate YahClick Go Service plan and test
  • Once installed and commissioned, the YahClick Go Transportable Service is ready for service
  • A laptop computer with Windows 7 is required at all times to operate the controller.
  • Unit currently deploys in the “last known location” under 3 minutes, on a new location deployment will usually take 15-30 minutes.
  • The antenna re-adjusts itself if any motion is detected (e.g. operator steps into/out of vehicle)
  • When the vehicle changes location and the subscriber is now in a different beam, the antenna will not find the satellite beam and will need to be configured for the new beam details. Time to lock in the new beam will be dependent on multiple factors. (usually take 15-30 minutes).

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