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YahClick is your fast track to connectivity, anywhere in South Africa.

Imagine an accessible, affordable and reliable high speed satellite internet connection beamed straight to your home, wherever you are. No more worries about ADSL or 3G coverage. YahClick connects you to the world via the latest satellite technology. YahClick works just like satellite TV (e.g. DStv). Our satellite communicates from space, with a mini satellite dish outside your home. This gives you an always on, high-speed connection you can depend on.

Connecting is easy. All you need to have is a Vox Telecom data service plan and a satellite dish and the modem/router. You can get all of this from us, at an affordable price.

If you’re into tech, you’ll be thrilled to know that YahClick technology maximises spectral efficiency through frequency re-use. This means that we are able to supply high power, concentrated beams that target specific areas. This is great news if your area doesn’t have stable, fast and reliable internet connectivity.

Our super strong signal comes in a small, tidy package. A YahClick dish is about the same size as a DStv dish, which means less setup costs for you. One of our certified installers will come and set it up for you.


How can I get it?


Check if you have coverage in your area by checking our coverage map

Select the service plan that suits your speed and data usage needs.



Choose to rent or buy the equipment.

Contact us and we’ll send a certified installer to you.




Customer Testimonials


YahClick is not only super fast, but also super reliable. Now you can:

  • Browse, do business or research online, wherever you are.
  • Manage room inventory, online bookings and communication with guests at your lodge.
  • Safely back up your business
  • Make pocket-friendly voice or Skype calls with your Vox Supafone.
  • Stream your favourite clips, movies and shows on Youtube and ShowMax.
  • Host seamless video conferences, cutting down on travel costs.
  • Run an affordable, sophisticated close circuit television camera (CCTV) network.
  • Operate telemetric machine and equipment monitoring.
  • Live-stream your events, anywhere in the country, from Karoo to the Kalahari
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